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  • Feb 7
  • 3 min read

Understanding Interests

Welcome to WhaTheByte! Our platform offers a personalised content journey tailored to your interests. With our Interest customisation feature, you can choose the category you want to read about, stay informed, and get inspired. Our platform covers topics such as technology, business, health, lifestyle, sports, gaming, entertainment, and more.

To get the most out of WhaTheByte, you need to set up your interests. This feature allows you to handpick the category that interests you the most. Once you have selected your interests, our algorithm will curate a personalised news feed that delivers the latest and most relevant content to you.

How to Configure Your Interests

Access Your Profile
On iOS and Android, click your Profile icon at the bottom right of the WhaTheByte app. On a web browser, click the left Profile icon.

Locate the Interest Menu
You can find the "Interest" menu on your profile page. Click on it to access the list of available interest categories.

Select Your Interests
Explore the 15 interest groups representing diverse topics, from News and Travel to Technology, Parenting, and more. Click on the groups that align with your passions and preferences.

Edit Your Interests
Need to make changes? No problem! Click on the pen tool next to the "Interest" menu to easily edit and update your selections whenever you like.

Personalised Content, Tailored for You
Set your preferences and let WhaTheByte's algorithm do its magic. It will provide you with articles, blog posts, and other content that match your interests. Results may take time, but you will be informed of the latest events and trends.

Embrace Knowledge and Inspiration
At WhaTheByte, we strongly believe in creating a community that respects your interests and encourages your curiosity. With our Interest customisation feature, you have the power to shape your content experience and ensure that you receive content that sparks your imagination and fuels your passions.

A Platform That Evolves With You
At WhaTheByte, we strive to continuously improve your content discovery experience by listening to your feedback. As we introduce new features, stay tuned for exciting updates that will help connect you with the content that matters to you. Thank you for being a part of our community. Our goal is to assist you on your knowledge journey and ignite your curiosity.

Enjoy exploring, and may your interests take you to new horizons of learning and inspiration!