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WhaTheByte 4.0 introduces Threads - an exclusive new feature designed to bring our community of creators closer than ever. Threads are available only within Creators' Channels and offer a dynamic discussion forum where creativity meets conversation.

Exclusive to Creators

Threads is a unique feature that sets Creators' Channels apart, offering a specialised space for user-generated content and discussions.

Note: This feature is unavailable within Publishers' Channels, ensuring focused, community-driven conversations.

Feature Highlights

Interactive Topics
Dive into discussions initiated by creators. From thought-provoking questions to the latest trends, Threads is your space to explore and engage with content that matters to you.

Photo Uploads
Bring your discussions to life with visual stories. Upload photos to accompany your topics, displayed in an engaging carousel format, enhancing the narrative and user interaction.

Community Participation
You can have your say in the conversation by upvoting and downvoting. Show support, share your opinion, and help shape the discourse by commenting on topics that resonate with you.

How It Works

Post a Topic
Share what's on your mind, ask a question, or start a debate. Add photos to complement your topic.

Engage with the Community
Browse through Threads to find discussions that interest you. Participate with upvotes, downvotes, and comments, contributing to the community vibe.

Visual Carousel
Enjoy an immersive experience with carousel-formatted photos, making each discussion visually appealing and engaging.

Join the Conversation

Threads is not just a space to start discussions but also a place to connect with others, share ideas, and be part of a vibrant community.

Join Threads. Shape conversations. Be the community.