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  • Feb 7
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Basic of Channel

Welcome to the WhaTheByte's Channel feature. Here, you can share your ideas and opinions and connect with other like-minded individuals. This guide is specifically designed for Publishers and Creators to help you better understand and differentiate these Channels on WhaTheByte's platform.

We will guide you through the process of creating your own Channel and demonstrate how community engagement can be a powerful tool for success.

What are WhaTheByte Channels?
WhaTheByte Channels are dedicated spaces where Publishers and Creators can showcase their content in a beautiful, high-quality environment. Each channel is identified by a name that starts with "c/" followed by the Channel Name. This makes it easy for users to find and explore your unique content.

Differences between Publishers' Channels and Creators' Channels

Channels for Publishers
WhaTheByte is a platform designed to help Publishers increase the reach of their content automatically. Using our services, your website will be indexed, pushed, and shared with WhaTheByte users across iOS, Android, and the Web. This will help drive more direct traffic to your website and enhance ad revenue. To monitor your traffic, check your analytics tool's referral traffic.

To sign up for our Publisher's Programme, please visit here.

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Channels for Creators
Hello, Creators! By starting a Creator's Channel, you have access to a variety of text editing tools that let you write stories and journals with ease. You can write about anything you like, from health and fitness tips to productivity hacks. You can also share your ideas using photos, GIFs, and videos embedded from other social media platforms. This will help you connect with your audience in new and exciting ways.

Threads, which are discussion boards for exchanging ideas and opinions, are exclusively available on the Creator's Channel. This is a dedicated space where content creators can connect with their audience and engage in meaningful conversations on specific topics. 

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How to Create A Creators' Channel?

Access the Channel Creation
On your iOS or Android app, tap the 'Pen' icon. For web browser users, click "Write Your Story" in the left menu.

Select Channel
To change the channel, press the 'Switch Channel' button and then select the '+ Channel' button.

Name Your Channel
When choosing a name for your channel, make sure it is descriptive, engaging, and aligns with the theme of your content.

Set Profile Picture
Please upload a profile picture that represents your brand or identity.

Write a Channel Description
In the " About " section, make sure to clearly introduce your Channel's purpose and describe the type of content users can expect.

Select the Interest
Select at least three interest groups that best match the content type.

Similarities between Publishers' Channels and Creators' Channels
WhaTheByte users can interact with content on both Publishers' Channels and Creators' Channels by liking, sharing, commenting, and bookmarking. Users can also follow and share the Channel's profile with others. The content from both channels will be shared and pushed to WhaTheByte users.

Build Your Community

Grow Your Followers
Attract more followers to your channel by sharing valuable content and engaging with your audience.

Connect with Like-Minded Minds
Engage in meaningful conversations, leave thoughtful comments, and build long-lasting relationships with like-minded individuals who share your interests.

Stay Respectful and Inclusive
At WhaTheByte, we celebrate diverse perspectives and encourage respectful engagement. Ensure your content aligns with our Community Guidelines to maintain a positive and inclusive user environment.

Enhance Your Content Journey
Keep an eye out for WhaTheByte's regular updates and enhancements to improve your content-sharing and discovery experience. The WhaTheByte Channels offer a space where knowledge, creativity, and community can thrive. So, let your voice be heard, inspire the community, and embark on an exciting content journey. Welcome to the world of WhaTheByte Channels!

If you need any further assistance or have any inquiries, our support team is ready to help. Happy Channeling!